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Reset Timers



Sometimes users are in a rush to do certain activities, this module allows a user to spend their points to reset game timers. This is a great way to get a user to spend their points.


  • Any game timer can be reset (even modules outside of the core)
  • You can set individual timer costs i.e. travel timer would be more expensive then the crime timer
  • A user can easily reset the timer from the page they are on
  • ¬†You can disable certain timers from being reset
  • If you are in super max you have to pay that timer off first and then the jail timer

How to Install

  1. Open up your game
  2. Go to the admin Panel
  3. Go to Modules & Themes
  4. Open the Module Manager
  5. Click on Install Module
  6. Upload the ZIP file
  7. Follow the instructions


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