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Improved Police Chase



Police chase was always something that was just there to get a user to click, this mod adds a bit more to the police chase.

  1. A user selects a car to use
  2. They try to evade the police
  3. Each move damages your car
  4. If damage is greater than 100% you loose the car and go to jail.

I have also added a much needed ACP to the police chase too

  • You can edit the min/max reward (now calculated as rand(min, max) * rank so the rewards are higher for higher ranked members
  • You can set the success, continue, fail chance of each car
  • You can set the min/max damage per turn
  • You can set the cooldown timer
  • you can set the jail timer
  • you can set the exp gained

How to Install

  1. Open up your game
  2. Go to the admin Panel
  3. Go to Modules & Themes
  4. Open the Module Manager
  5. De-activate the police chase module
  6. Click on Install Module
  7. Upload the ZIP file
  8. Follow the instructions


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