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This module allows users to invest their money in various different investment options. Within the ACP you are able to make, edit and delete investments.

Investment Setup

  • Minimum payout – The minimum payout that the user will get if the minimum was -10% and they invested $100m the minimum return is $90m
  • Maximum payout – The maximum payout that the user will get if the maximum was 10% and they invested $100m the maximum return is $110m
  • Maximum Investment – Limit how much a user can invest in this investment
  • Investment Time – After this period has elapsed the investment matures and the user is payed out.

Users can only invest in one item at a time.

How to Install

  • Open up your game
  • Go to the admin Panel
  • Go to Modules & Themes
  • Open the Module Manager
  • Click on Install Module
  • Upload the ZIP file
  • Follow the instructions


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