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Gangster Legends V2


A open source mafia/gangster PBBG game script written in PHP and using a MySQL database.

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Gangster Legends v2 is an open source mafia/gangster PBBG game engine written in PHP using a MySQL database. As long as you have PHP 5.4 or higher and MySQL version 5.5 or higher you will be able to set up your game in minutes.


Gangster Legends V2 comes with loads of features out the box, with the ability to modify and expand on them easily.

In game Features

  • Actions
    • Crimes
    • Car Theft
    • Police Chase
    • Inventory/Item System
  • Locations
    • Banking
    • Blackjack
    • Bullet Factory
    • Garage
    • Jail Busting
    • Travel
    • Black Market
  • Murder
    • Detectives
    • Bounties
    • Kill
  • Account/Game Settings
    • Premium Membership
    • Mail + Notifications
    • Leader boards
    • Game News
    • Users Online
    • Game Stats
    • Profiles

Administration Features

  • View Game statistics
  • You can edit/modify
    • Custom Admin Roles
    • Ranks
    • Crimes
    • Locations
    • Theft
    • Cars
    • Black Market Items
    • Game News
    • Forums
    • Users
  • Alter login/register pages
  • Module Manager
  • Theme Manager


You can see a live demo of Gangster Legends v2 here. To access the admin panel user the username admin and the password adminPass

This is not monitored, if you see any abuse or the Admin account is locked out please email me at


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