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Expansion Pack 1

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Gangster Legends Expansion Pack 1 includes several modules for your game including:

  • Bookies – This allows you to make events in the ACP that users can bet on, this is good for things like football at the weekends
  • Premium Modules – This allows you to lock modules so only premium users can use them, this is good for things like locking leaderboards behind a paywall or other features like investments
  • Premium color + tag – This module allows you to set a color for all premium members, they can also set their own custom tag up to 4 characters
  • Premium Items – This module allows you to make certain items only equap-able/usable by premium members
  • Tasks – Every 8 hours users will have a new task to complete, once done they get a reward!
  • Crypto Exchange – This module allows users to buy virtual crypto using in game currency, it uses a remote API to get the latest crypto prices!

These modules have a RRP over £45!

1 review for Expansion Pack 1

  1. David Allan (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this bundle. Its great

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