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This module allows you to create unlimited user actions, these can be user to make features like Crimes, GTA, Scavenge etc …

You are able to make “Action Types” these are new pages within your game, each can have a different style, you are able to add BBCode to the page and position it in several areas. You can also show the actions in a list or a grid.

Actions can have one, none or several requirements, these can be things like minimum rank, user has to have an item, user is in a gang etc … and once a user commits an action you can give the user some loot. This includes:

  • Items
  • Money (cash or bank)
  • EXP
  • Bullets
  • Cars

You can alter how much loot a user gets and the individual drop rates of each item.

How to Install

  • Open up your game
  • Go to the admin Panel
  • Go to Modules & Themes
  • Open the Module Manager
  • Click on Install Module
  • Upload the ZIP file
  • Follow the instructions

3 reviews for Actions

  1. josh baker (verified owner)

    Absolutely Perfect, Great support too

  2. Syntax

    Nice Module !

  3. David Allan (verified owner)

    Great module

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