Plan for GL v2.2.3

Below is a rough guide for what will be in GL V2.2.3

  • Existing Features
    • Bank – send money profile link
    • Bounties – add bounty profile link
    • Profile – Redesign
    • Forum overview (option to show certain forums in menu)
    • Mail – group conversations 
  • New Features
    • Gangs
    • PWA support
    • Casino Menu
    • IP Bans
  • Bugs
    • Installer
    • Theme manager
  • New hooks
    • Template
      • Alter different module template
      • Ability to inject html before or after <{game}>
      • Global CSS
      • Global JS
    • Travel
    • Cronless Crons 
      • 1 min
      • 5 min
      • 15 min
      • 1 hour
      • 1 day


We are in the process of migrating, we will be using for our forums and market place. If you have brought any modules on glscript send an email with your PayPal receipt to along with your MWG username and I’ll transfer the purchase to your account.

This has freed up a lot of my time so I can spend more time developing GL.