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Hello, i'm kind of new to this. but been working some with the scripts.
I just installed the game on my domain and wampserver, i installed sql. set name user etc, and to me its all correct,
But when i go to main page i get the message:

Sorry something went very wrong!
The error has been logged and waiting for a developer to review this issue.
2015-03-14 09:32:10
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Could you include your error logg?
2015-05-16 10:53:33
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1. Make sure your dbconn.php looks like this:
$db = NEW PDO("mysql:host=DBHOST;dbname=DBNAME", "DBUSER", "DBPASSWORD");

Change the following:
DBHOST = Most likely "Localhost" or something like "". (For wamp on local nettwork use Localhost)
DBNAME = Name of the database you have created.
DBUSER = User connected to the DB you are going to use. (Most likely "root" on wamp unless you have changed it)
DBPASSWORD = Password for the DBUSER

2. Remember to upload sql.sql to your database
3. The game should now work.
2015-05-16 11:55:20