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when user get tha message that they got in jail when they comited a crime they really dont get in jail why?

and also when does the next update come? we waiting :)
2014-03-26 18:43:58
Chris Day
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They should :S But in the next update i have re-worked the timers so you this may be already fixed.

And very soon i am adding a few last minute changes and a rather big surprise ;)
2014-03-28 23:09:35
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When you are in jail, you cant access any other page. I think you should be able to view my profile, users online, leaderboards, and forums when that feature gets added
2014-04-21 18:59:34
Chris Day
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I am working on this now, also i may make a few prison features (i.e. Bust out of jail, view who is in jail, jail crimes???)
2014-04-25 16:23:43