Gangster Legends V2.5.1 – Released

I have been working on Gangster Legends V2.5.0 for a month or so now and it is now fully released, bellow are some of the features that I have added this version.

1) Round management system
You are able to make rounds in the ACP with a start and end date, when a user registers they will register for the current round, if it has ended they will pre-register for the next round. If there isn’t a “next round” the register will be closed.

2) New ACP widgets
We have added a few new widgets to the ACP including:
Alerts – A simple alert box to raw the users attention to something
Custom HTML – Here you can put in what ever HTML you like
Charts – We have used Chart.js to enable you to use charts within the ACP

3) Template JS/CSS files
You are now able to add more then one js/CSS file per module, you are given much more control with how and when you include js/css
The normal way of loading css/js still works like previous versions of GL but you can now include a JS/CSS file from anywhere in the code via the $page variable. This means you can add a file from a hook or within a module

4) New Gangster Legends modules
In the latest release i have added two new modules, one is for the GL Directory to help drive traffic to your game. The 2nd module is used to give the admins more information about the GL engine, eventually in future releases this will check for engine updates and apply them if the core has not been modified.

You can download GL v2.5.1 from here​​​​​​​.

Gangster Legends Premium will be updated in the coming weeks with updates taking advantage of the new ACP widgets as well as the new round management system. There is quite a lot to update so please bare with me.