Gangster Legends In 2022

In 2022 Im planning the following changes

January 2022

  • Updating GL Premium to take full advantage of the previous release of gangster legends V2.5.1
  • Release Gangster Legends V2.5.2 with some minor bug fixes
  • Release the first GL Premium expansion pack

February 2022

  • Update the gangs system as its looking a bit dated now and needs a new UI over haul
  • Update the forums to add some more features
  • Add depreciation warnings to ACP for functions due to be removed in GL 2.7 and remove the use of these functions from the core engine

March 2022

  • Start work on GL 2.6.0
    • Add framework to support multi lingual modules
    • Rework the attack system to offer multiple styles of games

April 2022

  • Make new landing module when you first login
  • Add support for upgrading modules
  • Release GL 2.6

May 2022

  • Update GL Premium to take advantage of the new features made available in GL 2.6
  • Release a 2nd expansion pack for GL Premium

June 2022

Off on holiday for my 30th Birthday

July 2022

  • Start work on GL 2.7
    • Remove deprecated functions
    • Add support for multiple page templates for a module

August 2022

  • Add support for upgrading core engine
  • Release GL 2.7

September-October 2022

  • Large update to GL Premium ready for the festive season

November 2022

  • Create several themes for GL Premium

December 2022

  • Rest for the season holidays

This is my plan for 2022, this is not set in stone, things will undoubtedly change but this gives you a rough guide of what I’m planning.