Gangster Legends Directory – BETA Launch

We are happy to announce that the Gangster Legends game directory has launched into BETA. This is open to any game wether you use the GL engine or not. Unlike most game voting websites you can incentivise your user base to vote for your site. With every valid vote your site gets, we send you a request with who voted so you can give them a reward!

You can view the directory here and vote for your favourite games.


My game used McCodes can i still upload my game to the directory?

Yes, any game can be uploaded no matter what code is being used!

How do i upload my game to the directory?

To upload your game please register an account here. Once you have registered you can add your game and upload some screenshots!

How does the request callback work?

After a user has voted we will send a request back to your game to a pre-determined URL. The payload will include an authentication token that is only valid for that user and that day. Once you have checked this token is correct you can reward the user. We have examples of this here. If you would like more examples please contact us.

How much does it cost to list a game?

The directory is 100% free to list games.