An apology

Chris Day
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September 20th 2015 @ 06:52
Sorry i have not been around much (at all) for the last 9 months, I pushed at work to re-code our main product so i have been flat out with that for most of the year.

We have now got a stable release of that product so i have more spare time to work on GL2. I do not have enough time to work on the core framework (i.e. adding the admin panel) as i am developing my own game (not GL2). Instead i plan on adding more features/modules to the game so when it ships, it ships more of an "out of the box ready" game.

I also plan on adding more themes for you to choose from ;)

If there are any features that you are wanting just post below.
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November 12th 2015 @ 10:58
Hi. Why dont you add a "DONATE" button to your forum. Maybe we can support you in the development.
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December 18th 2015 @ 20:36
Update the demo page too and add a donate button
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