Organized Crime

To commit an organized crime a user has to start planning it, this comes at a financial cost. Once planning has started they can invite 3 other users to join, someone to buy weapons, someone to buy explosives and someone to drive.

The driver has to select a car in the same location as the OC and it has to be repaired fully. After the OC is complete they loose this car. In the ACP you can set value bandings for car levels i.e. if the bands were $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000 and car with a value of $0 -> $25,000 would be level 1, any car with a value of $25,000->$50,000 would be level 2 and so on.

If all the users select the best items their chance of success will be 100% if they all select the worst item their chance of success would be 43.75%. This is worked out using this formular:

Chance = 25 + (Car Level + Weapon Level + Explosives Level) x 6.25;