Car Theft

Car theft allows users to steal cars doing set activities.

When setting up car thefts in the ACP you can set up the chance of success this is the base % the user has of stealing a car. As the user ranks up their chance of stealing a car increases too, it increases by 2% each rank. For example if their rank is 10 and the base chance is 25% their chance of success would be 45%.

When setting up a car theft you can also set the min value and max value of cars, when a user successfully steals a car GL will go into the database and select every car with a value between the min and max figures saved. It will then use the “number of cars” value that is entered when making the car to work out what car is going to be stolen.

Bellow is an example:

CarValueNumber Of Cars
Cars Available

If i was to commit a theft and the min / max values were $200 to $500 the cars available to steal would be

CarValueNumber Of carsChance Of Stealing This Car*
* Rounded to 1 decimal place

The “chance of stealing this car” is worked out by dividing the “Number Of Cars” by the sum of all the Number Of Cars available (in this case 160). For example the chance of stealing car C would be 50 รท (75 + 50 + 25 + 10)